22 Insanely Smart Fan Theories About Frozen

There are truly delightful Frozen conspiracy theories like that Flynn from Tangled was going to fence the stolen crown to Hans. There’s the one about Hans having the same powers as Elsa, and that the king and queen of Arendelle were sailing to meet with another self-exiled member of the family with the same powers as Elsa, seeking advice and counsel.

Then there are the fan theories about Frozen that see a completely different angle than others. Even if Kristoff kissed Anna (the second most powerful curse breaker in the fairytale universe), it probably wouldn’t have an effect. How about this one: Is Quasimodo related to Elsa and Anna? Did he create the trolls to keep him company as he did back at the cathedral? Or what if Elsa’s powers developed over generations of her ancestors who wanted to build up a resistance to fire to avoid the fate of distant relative Joan of Arc?

There are so many cool and interesting Frozen theories, but some stand out more than others. Consider which Frozen theory you think holds the most weight and vote it onward and upward to the top of the list.

Rapunzel Was at Elsa’s Coronation Because They’re Cousins
One long-held theory is that Rapunzel is Elsa and Anna’s cousin. King Agnarr and Queen Iduna sail to Rapunzel’s wedding but they are lost at sea (and possibly wash up on an island in the jungle and produce Tarzan). Out of respect for her deceased aunt and uncle, and to honor her cousin, she shows up for the coronation in Arendelle with her new husband, Flynn.
Frozen and Tangled Take Place in the Same World
Another theory that cements the idea that these two stories exist in the same universe comes from Redditor themanfromsaturn, who reasons that Hans looks a lot like the Stabbington brothers from Tangled. The red hair, the same-shaped faces, same style of dress, the mutton chop sideburns, and the fact that Hans has 11 brothers. Plus, both Hans and the Stabbington brothers were willing to do evil deeds to obtain power.
Elsa’s Powers Are Nothing New to the King and Queen
Redditor Nijata suggests that Elsa’s parents knew all about her powers because a relative had them before. They knew that they needed the troll’s help to heal Anna, and they knew that hiding Elsa away was in her best interest.
If Elsa Is Winter, Anna Is Summer
Many fans strongly believe that if Elsa is the queen of all things icy, Anna must be the queen of hot stuff. Anna is the sunny sister with a playful sense of humor; Elsa, like winter, is no joke. Also, Olaf holds the key to this theory. He’s held in both sister’s memories. He’s created by Elsa, but he longs for summer.
Elsa Was Hidden Because Magic Is Considered Evil Throughout the Disney Universe
Redditor MustangGuy makes a very strong point with numerous examples of how magic is used for ill across many Disney storylines. Between evil queens and sorcerers cursing folks left and right, the king and queen of Arendelle had a very good reason to lock away their daughter, besides turning her sister into a popsicle. Elsa’s coming out of the magic closet was a big moment for the Disney world.
Tarzan Is The Brother Of Elsa And Anna

Disney universe fan theories like to interconnect all the together, and Frozen is no different. Many fans speculate the fate Elsa and Anna’s parents – and some believe the couple might have actually survived their shipwreck. After landing on a deserted island, the couple gave birth to the king of the jungle, Tarzan.

In 2017, Frozen director Chris Buck confirmed the fan theory. He said during the four years it took to make the feature animated film, he constantly thought of what happened to the sister’s parents. In his head, he said, the king and queen were pregnant with Tarzan when their ship wrecked. They built a treehouse before their untimely end, and the boy was raised by gorillas.

Would Kristoff’s Kiss Have Saved Anna? Probably Not

Frozen threw aside the notion that the princess is saved by some dude’s kiss. Tears are stronger magic than kisses in Scandinavian folklore so Elsa’s tears and Anna’s sacrifice saved the day – and Arendelle.

Redditor Volsunga puts forth the idea that even though the kiss is the second strongest power to undo a curse, Kristoff’s kiss might not have helped. Basically, because Anna and Kristoff have lived sheltered lives, they fall for each other after Anna falls for Hans. They are still young and naive in their affection and potential love for each other. That kiss wouldn’t be as effective without some time to grow and mature.

Who Would Buy a Stolen Crown from Flynn? Hans
Redditor acleverboy points out that Flynn from Tangled already has someone he can fence the stolen crown to: Hans. Maybe as a symbol of power, maybe as a way to weasel his way onto the thrown of a nearby kingdom, Hans would be a good candidate.
Joan of Arc Is Anna and Elsa’s Ancestor
Here’s a fan theory that will really make you think. To prevent being burned at the stake much like her distant ancestor, Elsa developed the ability to freeze the world around her.
Kristoff Is a Young Hot Santa Claus
Check out this theory from Redditor hoffdog:

His name can be abbreviated to Kris (like Kris Kringle). He was raised by small mystical creatures, similar to elves. He is in love with reindeer. He rides in a sleigh. He loves the cold and is an expert in snow. His cheeks are pretty dang rosy if you ask me! Need I say more?

No, hoffdog, you do not.

Arendelle Fought the Clans in Brave
Redditor TheJarvey has an elaborate Brave vs. Frozen theory, explaining that Arendelle is a fairly new town that was created after a war. It was a port during the war and Elsa’s father was the first ruler. He also sports military medals on his uniform. The Duke of Weselton, an ally to Arendelle during the war, is not cool with Elsa’s powers, perhaps because he’s had a run-in with sorcery from the clans people. This also explains why King Ignarr would hide Elsa away. There are many other elements to the theory and it’s certainly worth a read.
Frozen, Brave, and Tangled Are Educational Films in The Incredibles Universe
ObiShaneKenobi came up with a truly amusing theory. As a way to educate the population about supers, the government in The Incredibles shows three historical films, Frozen, Brave, and Tangled. The historical films demonstrate the positive side of being a super, and to not be afraid of them.
Kristoff Is Possibly Wearing Sven’s Mom
Well, this is awkward. Many fans have noticed that Kristoff wears a coat made of reindeer hide and fur. When Kristoff is a baby, he’s wrapped in a reindeer pelt. At the same time, Sven’s mom dies. Has Kristoff been wearing Sven’s mom the entire time?! And is Sven fine with that because his pal smells like dear ol’ mom?!
Frozen Sequel Will More Closely Follow The Snow Queen
The first film is very loosely based on the story The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. Many fans believe Frozen 2 will return to the material, and draw much more closely from it. The sequel’s production began in April 2016.
The Trolls Turned Hans Into a Bad Guy
What if Hans was a perfectly nice guy, but he got between the trolls’ dream of marrying Kristoff off to a princess? That’s what Redditor RobYeo suggests. When we first meet Hans, he saves Anna from falling into the fjord and they sing a lovely duet. So the trolls intervened, turned Hans evil, and made sure that Anna ended up with Kristoff.
The Trolls Are the Bad Guys
Claudiday theorizes, “trolls = total a-holes.”

Here’s why:

They kidnap a small child (Kristoff) and a baby reindeer just for the hell of it. They tell Elsa’s parents to hide her away, denying her power, and setting her up for being ostracized, pushed toward self-exile, and reviled.

Hans Has the Same Powers as Elsa
First off, that explains how he makes a sword appear as he is about to kill Elsa. Hans wants all of the powerof the kingdom for himself and with both sisters and heirs gone, he’s got a pretty clean shot at the Arendelle throne. Other clues that he might have the same power? He wears gloves most of the time, and takes them off to put out a candle with his fingers. And he’s given into the dark side of ice power, making him power mad.
Frozen Is a Metaphor for a Girl’s Journey Through Puberty
Redditor ashleyj1 may be onto something with her theory that this is the story of a young girl dealing with changes as she grows up. Anna doesn’t get it. Elsa feels isolated, afraid of, and confused by, her own body. She doesn’t have her mother there to explain things to her. The guys start coming around because her body is maturing, and it’s just plain awkward to talk to trolls about your period. She’s angry, she storms off, everyone just needs to back off!
Hans Is a Mirror
Many fans think this theory explains Hans’s confusing character. He’s not a person, but rather reflects the emotions and mindset of the person with whom he interacts. Possibly, he’s the Mirror from the story “The Snow Queen,” disguised as a person.
Elsa Makes Hans’s Sword Appear
Redditor bhamv discovered something fascinating about the climactic scene in Frozen where Hans is about to strike Elsa with a sword. Upon closer inspection, Hans is not holding a sword in one frame, and then has one the next. Is that because Elsa put it there in order to save Arendelle from herself? Or did Disney just goof?
Quasimodo Is Related to Elsa and Anna
Redditor Chiquen has a thorough theory about why this is true.

A few of his points:

Quasi created the trolls of Arendelle as he created his own gargoyle family. After he leaves the cathedral, he travels to Arendelle. Quasimodo, or an ancestor of his, marries into the Arendelle family. There’s a map to the trolls in the royal library. Elsa’s magic comes from Quasimodo’s time, and the stone magic of the trolls. This is where Anna’s red hair comes from.

The King of Arendelle Plotted to Use Elsa as a Weapon
Redditor peluzza has watched Frozen with his daughter “about 100 times” and began to realize that King Agnarr is a scheming jerk who locks Elsa away until her power grows so he can use her as a weapon. The trolls tell him to hide her away, making her insecure, co-dependent, and lonely. Maybe he was planning to return from his trip and turn Elsa into a monster, and the ship’s sinking was a blessing.

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