22 People Who Were Real Life Time Travelers

No matter if you’re the geekiest sci-fi nerd, or the coolest guy on campus, the possibility of time travel is so appealing that whenever the topic is broached people automatically begin to wonder what they’d change about their lives. Believe it or not, real life time travelers exist (or at least they think they do), but they rarely have control over what they can change, or who they get to meet. Most of the chrononauts (a term that is very real and not made up at all) you’ll be learning about below are nothing more than pawns in one of the government’s many time travel programs operating secretly underground. The ones who aren’t are too busy defending themselves to the community to reveal why they’ve really begun trekking across time and space. Take a look at these very real time travel incidents and pack a bag, you never know when the future’s coming.
Real time travel comes in many forms. Some of the folks on this list have experienced what’s known as a “time slip,” where you accidentally enter another time for a brief moment, while others have come back to visit us for a particular reason. Maybe they had to pick up an IBM 5100, or they just wanted to warn us of the dangers of a Trump presidency. Whatever their reasons, they’re all very real and not crazy or made up in any way. So let’s venture onward into the unknown with these people who were real life time travelers.

John Titor

The mystery of John Titor began around 2000 when the alleged time traveler started posting about his travels on a few different message boards (specifically, the board for Art Bell of Coast to Coast AM fame). Titor claimed to be  an American soldier from 2036 sent back to 1975 to retrieve an IBM 5100. He alleged to be stopping in the year 2000 for personal reasons, and so he could pick up some family heirlooms that would be lost in the (future) civil war. The most interesting part of the Titor story is that by 2036 web developing will regress to the halcyon days of Angelfire website templates.

An Unspecified Man in Florida

Towards the end of 2015, a time traveler showed up in Florida when he tried to drive a Dodge Charger through a wall in order to “enter a time portal.” Looks like this guy forgot the first rule of time machines: Don’t Buy American.

Sergei Avdeyev

This cosmonaut’s time travel tale may not involve meeting President Obama on Mars or surfing through the galaxy with the Pleiadians, but it’s actually really . Due to his 747 days spent in space, Avdeyev  went approximately 27,360 km/h, aging roughly 20 milliseconds less than all of us chumps down here on planet Earth. This makes him 0.02 seconds younger than he would have been had he never traveled through space.

The Old Woman in “The Circus”

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Back in 2010, an Irish filmmaker named George Clark was watching a called The Circusand noticed something weird: an old woman talking into a phone. It’s entirely possible that the old woman isn’t a time traveler calling her friends back in 2045 and telling them all about how she’s photobombing , but if that’s not what’s happen then what is?!

Sir Robert Victor Goddard

In 1935, a British airman experienced a time slip while flying over Ireland. According to J.H. Brennan, author of Time Travel: A New Perspective, Goddard flew off from a dilapidated airfield in a rain storm, but when he returned, “T he torrential rain abruptly changed to bright sunlight. When he looked down he saw the airfield had been completely renovated and was now in use. There were mechanics in blue overalls walking around and four yellow planes parked on the runway. One of these was a model which, for all his aviation experience, he completely failed to recognize.” Four years after the event the RAF began to paint their planes yellow. Is this a case of regular old time travel or did Goddard manage to inform the future by his travels?

Al Bielek

If the reports are to be believed, Al Bielek has led quite the life. After meeting Mark Hamill in 1956 (yes, that Mark Hamill) Bielek was recruited to work for The Montauk Project, a government time travel project with an unspecified mission. According to Bielek he not only traveled from California to Montauk via time travel (it sure beats taking the red eye), but he also took multiple trips to Mars.

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Andrew Carlssin

In 2003 Andrew Carlssin was arrested for insider trading, but defended himself by stating that he was a a time traveler from the year 2256. Allegedly, he made an initial investment of $800 and in two weeks’ time he had a portfolio valued at over $350 million. He refused to give up the location of his “time craft” or discuss how it actually works for fear that the would “fall into the wrong hands.”

Pellegrino Ernetti

Pellegrino Ernetti was a Catholic priest who built something called the “Chronovisor” that allegedly allowed the wearer to see and hear events from the past. Father Ernetti claimed to have witnessed a performance of the lost play Thyestes, and even the crucifixion of ChristOn his death bed, Ernetti reportedly recanted his claims on the Chronovisor. But another priest, François Brune, believes that Ernetti was coerced into making a false confession.


Dr. Bruce Goldberg claims to have met a lot of time travelers, but the chrononaut to which he dedicates most of his web space is a traveler named Traksa – a “pure human” who lives in the 36th century. According to Traksa, time travelers use names that represent their current mission and one of Traksa’s assignments was to introduce Dr. Goldberg to Art Bell, host of the radio call in show Coast to Coast AM. If the only thing future people have to worry about is introducing people to low level radio hosts then the 36th century sounds awesome (or maybe terrible).

Billy Meier

Billy Meier is kind of like that kid you went to school with who was always talking about how his dad was a Navy Seal and his brother played on the Dallas Cowboys, but when you asked him to cough up the evidence he always balked. He allegedly made multiple trips through ~time and space~ with the Pleiadians (an alien race that we don’t have time to get into) and took a bunch of photos that were later destroyed or stolen by the Men in Black.

Bob White

In 2002, a mysterious email started showing up in seemingly random inboxes that purported to be sent by a time traveler stuck in the 21st century. After doing some major digging, multiple people contacted the sender of the email, expecting to meet either a bored teenager or someone collecting email addresses to sell at a later date, but instead they spoke to Bob White, a man who really wants to get his hands on a  Dimensional Warp Generator.

The Man Out of Time

This time traveler is more of an interesting bit of anachronistic clothing more than anything, but it’s still a story. The photo is from 1940, and on first glance it seems like the man in the sunglasses, hoodie, and t-shirt has traveled back in time to see the opening of a bridge in British Columbia. But upon further inspection, it seems that he’s wearing era appropriate clothing. (But isn’t that exactly what you’d do if you were crashing around in the time stream?!)

Ali Razeghi

Back in 2013, an Iranian scientist named Ali Razeghi claimed to have been working on a time machine, and even registered the “Aryayek Time Traveling Machine” with the state-run Centre for Strategic Inventions. The scientist said he’d been working on the machine for 10 years and that it worked by a set of complex algorithms to “predict five to eight years of the future life of any individual, with 98 percent accuracy.” Naturally, the Iranian government denied all existence of a time machine.

Andrew Basiago

Seattle attorney Andrew Basiago claims that from the ages 7-12 he was a part of “Project Pegasus,” (don’t click that link unless you have A LOT of time on your hands) a government program that worked on teleportation and time travel under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Basiago told the Huffington Post, “They trained children along with adults so they could test the mental and physical effects of time travel on kids. Also, children had an advantage over adults in terms of adapting to the strains of moving between past, present and future.”

Ronald L. Mallett

Ronald L. Mallett is a retired professor of theoretical physics at the University of Connecticut and just happens to be working on a machine that can send him back in time to see his father, who passed away when Mallett was only a boy. Most members of the scientific community have been outspoken in their objections to Mallett, but he’s not going to let that stop him.

Valeria Lukyanova

Should we be surprised that the real life Barbie claims to also be a time traveler who came to earth to save the world from superficiality and negative energy? She told Vice in the documentary Space Barbie, “The aim of my life is to come to this planet to help people to realize that is it necessary to move form the role of the ‘human consumer’ to the role of ‘human demi-god.'” She goes on to say that “physical perfection truly is the best medium through which to deliver life-changing philosophy to the human race.” That statement has to be some kind of war crime, right?

Michael Relfe

Michael Relfe is an ex-US member who’s made it his mission to inform the masses about the government’s weaponized Tesla-based quantum access time travel . According to Relfe (and this website written entirely in Comic Sans), he was sent to live on Mars in 1976 (39 years before ) and 20 years later he was transported back to earth, where he had his age reversed. If you really want to fall down the Michael Relfe rabbit hole, why not check out his essay on how to protect yourself from military and alien abductions?

Vladimir Putin

This story about Vladmir Putin time traveling through various points in Russia’s is confusing for a few reasons:

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1. If Vladmir Putin is a time traveler, why hasn’t he done anything to improve Russia’s global socio-economic standing?
2. Why does Putin insist on fighting in every war? Is he immortal? Does he just like playing dress up?
3. If Putin isn’t actually a time traveler (which he definitely is) then why do so many Russian guys look the same? And by “so many” we mean just the three in this photo collage.

Charlotte Anne Moberly and Eleanor Jourdain

In a change of pace from some of the other travelers on this list, Eleanor Jourdain and Charlotte Anne Moberly allegedly experienced a time slip while visiting Versailles in the early 20th century (the best part of their claims might be that they “didn’t think much” of the palace – ya burnt 16th century French royals). Eleanor Jourdain later wrote of the incident in the book An Adventure, “Everything suddenly looked unnatural, therefore unpleasant; even the trees seemed to become flat and lifeless, like wood worked in tapestry. There were no effects of light and shade, and no wind stirred the trees.”

While in the flat and lifeless world, the women allegedly ran into Marie Antoinette and a few revolutionary era soldiers. Despite being described as ” Two highly educated Englishwomen” their story was eviscerated by their fellow academics and it was mostly believed that the women experienced a shared delusion.

William Stillings

William Stillings is another member of “Project Pegasus” the secret government program that sent children flailing around time, and grown ups to work on Mars for 20 years at a time, only to bring them back to earth via time travel. What makes Stillings’s story more interesting than that those of his other Pegasus pals is that he allegedly met President Obama while on Mars, only the President was traveling under the name ” Barry Soetoro” which makes this whole thing 10 times more confusing. Obviously, the White House denies such claims.

Ed Cameron

Ed Cameron is like a lot of people, he went to school, had a family, the usual. But unlike most people (unless you count Al Bielek) he was hired to work for The Montauk Project, which sent him across time to meet such mathematical luminaries such as Tesla and Albert Einstein. Cameron said those two scientists even helped work out the mathematics for finishing the time portal built beneath Montauk, which is confusing to say the least. Even more confusing is that after “stepping on some toes,” Cameron was interrogated by aliens, dropped off at the Pentagon, and had his memory wiped,  turning him into Al Bielek.

Xiao Hua and Xiao Mei

In 2012 it was reported by China Daily that two teenage Chinese girls  committed suicide by drowning themselves in a pool, in order to travel back in time after one of the girls lost the remote control to her parent’s garage door. But writers from outside China speculated that the paper (bankrolled by the Chinese government) is pumping up the time travel aspect  to paint the girls’ suicide as a direct result of the evil influence of time travel.