22 Professors Who Will Make You Miss Your College Days

Being a college professor is a pretty sweet gig. Sure, the pay isn’t great, but you get to live the college lifestyle for the rest of your life, and you can’t put a price tag on that. Just ask any college student a few years after they’ve graduated if they’d like to go back, and most of them would probably scream a resounding “yes!”

So let’s take a moment to celebrate college professors being awesome – and occasionally losing their minds – with this gallery of professor pictures. If you have any questions about this photo gallery, please refer to your course syllabus.

There Are Stupid Questions

Knight School

Skating Through College

Breaking Class

Professor Kitteh


Rave Reviews

Learning the Ways of the Force

Stand and Deliver

Professing Professor

Chemistry 101

Poster Child Professor

The Dude Abides

When a Student Can’t Find a Babysitter

Dynamic Duo

Sticking with It

Beaks and Valleys


A Minion to One

Sup Essay

Master of His Universe

Stay Classy