22 Silly Signs from Political Rallies

Are you one of the many who can relate to that moment every four years when the avalanche of political posts on your social media feed drives you to unfollow half of your friends until the election is over? If so, you’re not alone. It happens to just about everyone. With that in mind, here is a collection of funny political signs that should come as a breath of fresh air amongst the thousands of rants from your friends that are all of a sudden Washington insiders.

Here you’ll find folks whose funny political rally signs advocate for things everyone can pretty much get behind. Rather than hate fueled signs accusing anyone who disagrees of inexcusable ignorance, you’ll find hilarious citizens who showed up to shatter stereotypes with a smile, infuse the crowd with a little much needed laughter, and even make a point or

These funny signs at political rallies are really just what the world needs. Laughter always makes the world a better place. 

If That Works for You

Well There’s No Sense in Being Unreasonable

How Awesome is This Classic Sign from a Marriage Equality Protest?

Looks Legit

A Good Point

How to Argue Like an American

Well, Wait… What?

You Bet!

But Seriously…

My Sweet Brick

Hard Truth


It Just Got Real

Can’t Imagine What Tipped Him Off..

We’re All Thinking It

Who Doesn’t Love Turtles?

Mission Accomplished!

There’s Never Enough

It’s Annoying

An Interesting Theory

Don’t Talk. Take Action.

Let’s Just Not Talk About It!