22 Things That (Hilariously) Did Not Turn Out as Planned

Most things in life don’t turn out as planned. The same thing can be said for the following pictures. These are seemingly harmless photos that lead to unintended consequences. Which, in turn, leads to a few minutes of entertainment for the rest of us! They are living proof that some of the best things in life happen accidentally.

Life’s a Beach

Leaving a Sour Taste in Your Mouth

The Ugly Truth

Crime Doesn’t Pay

When You Know You Have a Coke Problem

Hair of the Dog

Bursting Your Bubble

Well, That Did Not Go as Planned

Pyramid Scheme

A Doggone Shame

Puzzling Turn of Events

Cat Got Your Tongue?

Project X

Game of Bones

Curiosity Almost Killed the Cat

Zoo Daze

A Time to Reflect

Mirror Image

The Wheel Are Coming Off

Leap of Faith

Taking a Stab at It

Horsing Around

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