22 Things That (Hilariously) Did Not Turn Out as Planned

Most things in life don’t turn out as planned.┬áThe same thing can be said for the following┬ápictures. These are seemingly harmless photos that lead to unintended consequences. Which, in turn,┬áleads to a few minutes of entertainment for the rest of us!┬áThey are living proof that some of the best things┬áin life happen accidentally.

Life’s a Beach

Leaving a Sour Taste in Your Mouth

The Ugly Truth

Crime Doesn’t Pay

When You Know You Have a Coke Problem

Hair of the Dog

Bursting Your Bubble

Well, That Did Not Go as Planned

Pyramid Scheme

A Doggone Shame

Puzzling Turn of Events

Cat Got Your Tongue?

Project X

Game of Bones

Curiosity Almost Killed the Cat

Zoo Daze

A Time to Reflect

Mirror Image

The Wheel Are Coming Off

Leap of Faith

Taking a Stab at It

Horsing Around