22 Photos That Prove Everything You Know Is a Lie

Forget everything you thought you knew. Seriously, go ahead and wipe your brain clean, because this photo gallery is about to prove that everything you think you know about life is a lie. The following photos will probably change the way you look at the world forever.. OK, not really, but did you know Michael Jackson had special shows that let him do some of his dance moves? Or that coyotes run faster than road runners? Now you do. 


Coyote Ugly

Commander Crunch?

It’s a Game of Inches

Cracking the Case Wide Open

Now You’re In the Loop

Bet Your Bottom Dollar

Michael Jackson Had Anti-gravity Shoes

My Entire Childhood Is a Lie

Twist Ending

Nice Try, Hot Pockets

Macaroni and Puh-lease!

Once or Twice

Stop Pushing My Buttons

I Seed You

Off Limits

Doesn’t Quite Cut the Mustard

Chock Full O’ Lies

Calcium Deficient

Blame Canada

The Kernel’s Secret Recipe

Any Which Way But That Way

Reversal of Fortune