23 Animals That Look Like Famous Fictional Characters


You’ve already seen  that look like beloved fictional characters, but did you know there’s more definitive proof that famous fictional characters live among the masses? Not only are there  who look like celebrities, many of ’s critters happen to resemble fictional characters from an entirely different realm, the one of imagination.

Seriously, what could be more awesome than that? Is it possible that these are part of an elaborate  brainwashing conspiracy, or merely a series of wonderful coincidences? That’s up to you to decide, but honestly, you shouldn’t worry about such things. Just look at this photo gallery as evidence that it really is a small world after all.



Dobby Kitteh

Bat Cat

Ewok Dog

Maleficent Cat

Sid The Sloth Dog

Jabba The Pug

Smeagol Cat

Ed The Hyena

Voldemort Cat

Swamp Monster Cat

Pikachu Nudibranch

Beast Cat

Cowardly Lion Dog

Stitch Dog

Yoda Cat

Gandalf The Dog

Feline Feeling Burns-y

Edward Cullen Cat


Fox in Socks

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