23 Hilarious Notes from Moms and Dads

Getting your kids to listen to you is one of the most difficult aspects of parenting, which is why sometimes you need a well-written note to get your message across. Below is an amazing collection of   notes from that accomplished just that. If you’re having a hard time talking to your kids about something, take a look at these pictures and take notes. Or you can just yell uncontrollably and give them ice cream afterwards. That always works, too.

Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang

You Shall Not Pass!

That’s not bad, but it’s got nothing on this sick parent burn.

Nobody’s Home

We Meat Again

If You Can’t Stand the Heat

Stroke of Genius

Taken Aback

Fishing for Answers

Don’t Stop Now, You’re on a Roll

You Only Parent Once

24-Carrot Comedy Gold

Pay to Pray

Please Take Note

Coming Clean

On Thin Ice

Making the Cut

You’re Fired!

Adding Fuel to the Fire

Total Bummer

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

Under Control

Three Sheets to the Wind

Meanwhile, in Michigan…