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23 People Who Look Exactly Like Archer Characters

The Internet lost its collective mind after Archer creator Adam Reed mentioned the possibility of a live-action version of everyone’s favorite animated series. Whether we get that show or not, plenty of real people who look like Archer characters could step up in our time of need.

As you’ll see below, the good news is not would that movie be amazing, but how will casting directors decide who to pick. There’s just that many Archer lookalikes. These are or “real people” who look like Archer characters. Spot-on Archer celebrity lookalikes and Archer that will take you all the way to the internet’s… DANGERZONE!

Jillian Bell and Pam Poovey

Malory Archer and Jessica Walter

Cheryl Tunt and Kate Mara

Lana Kane and Rosario Dawson

Katya Kazanova and This Unamed Model

Sterling Archer and Henry Cavill

Ray Gilette and Neil Patrick Harris

Bilbo and Zach Galifanakis

Cyril Figgis and Steve Carell

Barry Dylan and Ryan Reynolds

Brett Bunson Buckley and Adam Devine

Dr. Algernop Krieger and Brett Gelman

Nikolai Jakov and Jeffrey Tambor

Sterling Archer and Jon Hamm

Ron Cadillac and Henry Winkler

Pam Poovey and Amy Schumer

Woodhouse and Bill Murray

Kristen Wiig and Cheryl Tunt

Ian Somerhalder and Sterling Archer

Ray Gilette and Andrew Rannells

Lana Kane and Zoe Saldana

Pam Poovey and Melissa McCarthy

Katya Kazanova and Emma Stone

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