23 Times Product Placement Was Part of the Joke

When comedians have to deal with product placement, they have created some sarcastic and genuinely satirical approaches across film and TV. The to-the-camera product placement style of Wayne’s World was bold and new at the time and has been repeatedly mimicked and perfected over the years, allowing entertainers to shill and mock shilling at the same time.

Turning down a lot of cash is hard to do if you’re making a movie – see any Michael Bay film – but making product placement funny in a way that is not annoying or distracting is an art. Still, there are fans who balk. Why do we have to watch characters, actors, and hosts sell us anything? Soap operas were literally created to sell soap during daytime TV story plots for housewives to get hooked on. So it’s not like product placement had a noble start.

But it can still be done well, rewarding the audience rather than distracting us. Of all of the satirical product placement scenes on TV and film, which title stands out? Who nailed it when it came to selling products in movies and TV shows? Was the funny product placement subtle or was it in an Adam Sandler movie? Vote up the best uses of product placement on the list below!

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