24 Absolutely Ridiculous Foreign Posters for American Movies

A simple poster says a lot. You can typically figure out the ’s genre, its biggest stars, and maybe even its plot. However, when an American travels abroad, those countries are responsible for making their own posters. Here is a collection of the craziest international posters for US .

Let’s face it, people from Poland and France share different sensibilities than most Americans. We can see this from two telling international posters. The French marketing team decided that a totally nude of Harvey Keitel would be the best way to sell Bad Lieutenant. And the Polish (who are known for coming up with some crazy movie posters) felt they could bring audiences in to see The Fly by using a poster featuring a bearded, animated “fly” puking.

Some of these posters even hilariously change the name of the movie. In Argentina, “Vaseline is the word.” Others on this list of craziest foreign posters for US are very misleading. Who knew that King Kong wrestled sharks or that C-3PO practiced martial arts? However, the Cujo poster from Ghana may be the best of all..


Grease – Argentina

Die Hard – Japan

Cujo – Ghana

Terms of Endearment – Poland

Big – Czech Republic

Chinatown – Poland

The Big Lebowski – Poland

Bad Lieutenant – France

Alien – Poland

The Matrix – Ghana

King Kong – France

The Fly – Poland

Easy Rider – Czech Republic

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Turkey

– Japan

Cabaret – Poland

The Shining – Poland

Freddy vs. Jason – Ghana

An American Werewolf in London – Japan

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – Poland

Boogie Nights – Poland

Fight Club – Poland

A Nightmare on Elm Street – Ghana

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