24 Awful Real Estate Pictures That’ll Never Make the Sale

One of the most important parts about selling a house is showing possible buyers what they’ll be getting, and duh, pictures are the easiest way to do that. But they’re also the easiest way to totally ruin any chance you have of selling your pad, and thanks largely to terriblerealestateagentphotos, here’s some proof of that. Every single one of these terrible real estate agent photos from pics of disgusting bathrooms, to a pile of haunted dolls, are perfect examples of awful real estate pictures that will never make the sale.

The best thing about these funny real estate pictures is that they give people a chance to peep into the lives of homeowners with some really weird concepts of what looks good. It’s mind boggling to think that there are people who think that doors appearing out of nowhere or a wallpaper pattern that looks like something out of an acid trip is a good idea. If you learn anything from these bad real estate pictures, it’s that you should always pay a professional to take your real estate photos. And don’t put a toilet on the staircase

Enjoy these funny real estate photos… and try to take better ones for your home.

  1. One Free Pile of Laundry With Down Payment

  2. Perfect For Your New Murder Basement

  3. The Plastic Keeps the Ghosts Out

  4. Hello Ladies

  5. Much More Frightening Than House of Leaves

  6. Ted Nugent’s Old Place

  7. Perfect for a Small Man With Long Legs

  8. Too Many Angles

  9. Not for Climbing

  10. You’ve Always Been Here

  11. This Is Where You Die

  12. In Case You Need to Plug in More Fans

  13. When You’ve Gotta Go, You’ve Gotta Go

  14. This Real Estate Photo Will Change Your Life

  15. When the House You Want to Buy Doesn’t Match Your Prescription

  16. What More Could You Want?

  17. Just a Little Hole in the Wall

  18. Living Room, Or Bowling Alley?

  19. Hard Pass

  20. A Delightful Little Hobo Haunt

  21. Comes With Extra Gamma Radiation

  22. This Fixer Upper Comes Pre-Haunted

  23. When Your Photoshop Skills Don’t Match Up With Your Realty Skills

  24. Finally, a House with a Mystery Room