24 Cringeworthy Gamer Glamour Shots You Can’t Look Away From

Who says there can’t be a glamorous side to gaming? As you’ll clearly see from this collection of funny gamer nerd glamour shots, there are some gamers out there with mad game. These pictures clearly demonstrate a gamer’s ability to dominate their living room by day and their local photography studio by night. Vote up your favorites and help turn these gamers into Internet legends. And don’t hate the gamer glamour, hate the gamer glamour game.

Don't Hate the Gamer, Hate the Game

Yeah Boooy!

The Glamorous Side of Gaming

Ladies Please… One at a Time

Going Down to South Park Gonna Have Myself a Time

Bro, Do You Even Game?

Ninten Don’t

PS2 for You

Back to School

For the Love of the Games

Future Troll

Chairman of the Bored

Gloom and Doom

A World of Possibilities

Keep Calm and Game On

Portrait of a Gamer

Gamer Girl

United Wii Stand

You Said to Go Play Outside!

It’s His Duty to Rock That Duty

The Bungie Life Chose Him

Jack and the Box

The Chosen One

Controlled Substance