The 24 Funniest Moments In Mannequin History

The sole purpose of a mannequin is to give people a relatively accurate representation of what clothes would look like on their bodies… if your body happens to be shaped like most mannequins. Which is pretty rare. The sad truth is mannequins lead horrible lives. All they do is stand in the same place doing the same poses every day and people call them “dummies” right to their faces. So, take that, perfectly-proportioned mannequins. You might have the perfect body, but you don’t have a perfect life! And to make matters worse, heartless retail workers detach their limbs and forcibly strip them naked on a regular basis. Thankfully the Internet is here to shine a light on some of these crimes against mannequin humanity. Sure these photos may seem funny now, but you won’t be laughing when the “zombie-mannequin apocalypse” finally happens. These are the 24 funniest moments in mannequin history.
  1. Real Mannequins Have Curves

  2. Snappy Dresser

  3. Cheer up, Mannequin. It’s Supposed to Be the Best Day of Your Life.

  4. Model Parent

  5. I Don’t Know… Just Make Them Look French

  6. Meanwhile at Victoria’s Secret

  7. Low Five!

  8. World’s Most Fabulous Mannequin

  9. 9

    Private Pyle?

  10. White Mannequin Problems

  11. The No Cut Dress

  12. Creepiest. Mannequin. Ever.

  13. The Easiest Way to Date a Model

  14. Random Inspection

  15. Stuck in the Middle with You

  16. It’s Called Mannequin Fashion, Look It Up

  17. Mannequin Pocket Pool

  18. From the Chernobyl Collection

  19. Mannequins, After Hours

  20. Face Off

  21. Forever Lonely No More

  22. The Most Interesting Mannequin in the World

  23. Whatever Mom

  24. Pain in the Neck