The 24 Funniest Moments in Selfie History

are arguably the worst thing that ever happened to photography. When people push that selfie button on their camera phone, a thing happens. Selfie mode seems to activate the douchebag portion of the human brain, which often leads to unsightly things like duckface, derp face, and kissy lips.

Below you will find the funniest selfie pictures that the Internet has to offer. Selfie ideas so good they actually managed to be funny rather than annoying. 

Vote up your favorites and remember that friends don’t let friends take selfies – they get someone else to hold the damn camera so you can take a decent photo.

Just Poo It

Selfie Photobomb… You’re Doing It Right

Smitten Kitten

Playing the Field

Tough Guy

A Moment of Paws

I’m Talking with the Man in the Mirror

Old-School Selfie

Walmart Selfie Greeter

Hello from the Other Side

Bae’s Day Off

Kids These Days

Pug Life

Ridin’ Selfie Dirty

Getting Caught with Your Pants Down

The Derpiest of All Derp Selfies

Adding Fuel to the Fire

All Dolled Up

A Time to Selfie

Bath Time with Coco and Ricky

How the Selfie Cookie Crumbles

Getting a Leg Up on the Competition

The Passion of the Selfie

If the Shoes Fit