24 Hilarious Classified Ads You’d Respond To

Classified ads used to be the best way to sell all of the stuff that you no longer needed. would actually place ads in their actual local newspaper with their actual phone numbers. When you think about it now it seems insane but it really happened. Apart from the obvious risk involved, the classifieds also created a new medium for comedy as you’ll see in these ads. These classified ad photos will actually make you wish Craigslist didn’t exist. Funny Craigslist ads are good, but there is just something about these being actually printed out in a physical newspaper that makes them that much funnier.

Man or Cat

How to Find True Love

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!

Isn’t This a Movie?

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

How to Accidentally Become a Legend

A Real Party Pooper

Are You Free for Dinner?

Eight Days Later

Bad Vibrations

Still Waiting…

Couldn’t Chair Less

To Boldly Go Where No Classified Ad Has Gone Before

The Whole Tooth and Nothing But the Tooth

A Huge What?

No Butts About It

Grin and Chair It

Mind Games

The Theory of Everything

Pele or Pete? That Is the Question.

Attack of the Killer Tomato

Stop Horsing Around

Work for Less

Indecent Proposal

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