24 Men Failing So Hard At Fashion That It’ll Make You Cringe

 Most men admit that they don’t have a damn clue when it comes to fashion. Every attempt to pick out an outfit becomes a wild adventure that usually comes without a happy ending. Countless men roam planet earth every single day wearing fashion faux-pas matched only by their funny facial hair designs. If you haven’t experienced the finest collection of fashion the Internet has to offer, then you’re missing out on the pure, unadulterated joy of funny men’s fashion nightmares. From dads who gave up trying a long time ago, to men who clearly don’t care what they wear, these 28 photos prove that most men hard a hard time dressing themselves. 

Only in Florida

Fur Is Murder (On The Eyes)

Who’s Your Fanny?

Minnie Me

Keep Your Friends Close And Your Fanny Closer

Dinner For One

Along Came A Spider

The Crack In The Armor

Where’s Waldo’s Fashion Sense?

Poor Dog

Pants On Fire

Small Jorts, Big Daddy

The Big Short

Human Heath Bar

Very Bunny

The Wall Of Shame

If The Skirt Fits

Technicolor Dream Pants

Moms Have Mom Jeans, Dads Have Dad Shorts

Fashion By Russell Brand

Plaid On Plaid=Puke

Shirt Size Matters

Orange is the New Bleck!

Wag The Dog

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