24 Photos You’ll Enjoy If You’re Completely Immature

Even though your parents will never admit it, the key to being a successful adult is always maintaining a high level of immaturity. You should never stop thinking farts are funny, always laugh at bad puns, and you’re never too old to play with toys. Those are the rules and they are very simple and straight forward. You should be able to follow them. So, get busy living your life. Be yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you what you should and shouldn’t find humorous. Enjoy these totally immature photos. And make sure you ask someone to pull your finger at least three times a day.

Butt Stuff 2016

World’s Best Dad

Bro, That’s so True

You Stay Unclassy, Will Ferrell

I Don’t Know. You’ll Have to Ask My Wfie

My Favorite Kinda Ho!

I See Them

Poo the Right Thing

Win, Lose, or Draw

Making Your Own Is Easy!

Where Did You Get That Sign?

Take the Tour

A True Work of Fart

Breast Joke Ever

Word to Your Mother

How to Cock Your Gun

50 Shades of Brown

Flower Rocket

Fore Skin and Seven Years Ago

Stop Taking Sheet So Seroiusly

Hold on to Your Butts

The Perfect Name for a Man Hole Cover

Scared Stiff

God Bless the USA