24 Real People Who Look Exactly Like Family Guy Characters

Whether¬†Family Guy¬†characters¬†live among us is one of the most important and vexing questions in the history of mankind. Fortunately, the answer to this question is an emphatic “yes.” The world is simply a better place because these¬†Family Guy¬†characters were spotted in real life, outside the cartoon confines of Quahog.

Sure, you could argue these are simply pictures of real people who look just like¬†Family Guy¬†characters, but that’s a little convenient, don’t you think? These photos of¬†Family Guy¬†lookalikes and doppelgangers prove that¬†Family Guy¬†characters change back to their human form¬†when they’re not on camera. And yes,¬†The Simpsons¬†did this first too.

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