25 Animal Moms Who Have Had Enough Of Their Children

Let’s face it, the only thing out there that can even compare to the cuteness of a human baby is the cuteness of an animal baby. Don’t be fooled by their adorable fluff and clumsy antics, however, for we’ve collected a group of with kids who can assure you that animal motherhood is not as easy as it looks. In these funny animal mom and kid photos, you’ll get a behind the scenes look at animal families all over the world, and gain a whole new respect for furry, feathered, and four-legged moms.  

So the next time you find yourself overwhelmed with your own role as a parent, we’ve got you covered with these mom and kid animals, who prove that occasionally being overwhelmed is a universal part of parenthood. Think your kids are the only ones who pull stupid, dangerous stunts? Here you’ll mean a polar bear mom who can assure you that you’re not alone.

Whether you’re a parent or just an animal lover, the one thing we can pretty much guarantee is that you’re about to leave here with a huge smile on your face.

“Don’t Worry, Mom! I’ll Shade Your Eyes From The Sun!”

“Not Quite What Mommy Meant By ‘Private Time’ Sweetheart.”

“Guys, Seriously. You Have Webbed Feet For A Reason.”

“Mom, Look Away! I Want to Show You My Surprise Attack!”

“And You Think Raising Twins Is Hard.”

“Mooooom, The Sun’s Been Up For Five Whole Minutes And I’m Lonely.”

“Mom! Bobby Gave Me Lice Again!”

“John! Jr. Found Your Electric Razor… Again!”

“Pleeeease, Just One More Bedtime Story?”

“Wait Until Your Father Hears About This.”

“Don’t You Hide from Me, Jr.! Bath Time Means Bath Time!”

“Mooooom, Pleeeeeease?”

“Don’t Worry, Mom. I’ll Watch Over You As You Sleep.”

“I’m Only Going To Count To Three! One…Two…”

“Junior, Don’t You Dare… You Are SO Grounded!”

“Are You Sure You’re All Mine?”

“Tonight I’d Like To Introduce You Guys To Something Called ‘the Quiet Game.'”

“No Peeking, Mom. Mom, No! I Said No Peeking!”

“Moooooom! The Giraffe Next Door Called Me Fat!”

“Are We There Yet? How About Now? Now?”

“Don’t Worry, The Cold Shoulder Thing Only Lasts Until They Get Hungry Again.”

“BRB, Mommy Needs To Go Chug Her Midday Medicinal Martini.”

“Seriously?! You Couldn’t Wait Even Five Minutes After Your Bath?”

“I Expressly Told You, No Facebook Acount Until You’re Older.”

“Mom… Am I Adopted?”