25 Awkward Photos of Guys with Hooters Waitresses That Are Too Funny

Hooters. It represents the best and worst qualities of America, a land where you’re free to do anything so long as you’re willing to fight for it, a country not unlike a massive garbage dump, in which the nastiest scavengers become kings and the rest laze around complaining, unaware they live in a fetid heap of sh*t and refuse. Is it possible to be both repulsed and attracted by Hooters? To love the cheap and nasty food, while wanting to vomit after eating it? To relish in the affordability of the alcohol, while regretting every drop of it when you find out the next day you exposed yourself, puked on a stranger, got beaten nearly to death by the bouncer, proposed to five different employees, and made love to a homeless person in the alley out back?

Hooters unleashes the primal beast in us all. This unashamedly sexist, misogynistic wasteland is as boner-inducing as it is abhorrent. But that’s not why you’re here, is it? You’ve come to look at , salacious, maybe even sexy photos of guys and Hooters waitresses. Hooters girls with nerdy guys? Check! Hey, are you a nerd? Wanna feel like Dan Bilzerian for a few hours? GO TO HOOTERS, YOU FOOL. Yeah, baby, get ready for some hella funny pictures of guys and Hooters girls.