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25 Cartoon Doppelgangers Spotted in Real Life

These photos of in real life are definitive proof that characters live among us. Sure, you could argue that they’re people who simply look like animated characters, but maybe there’s more to it than that. With all of the technological advances going on these days, is it crazy to think that characters from your favorite cartoon and animated films have figured out a way to cross over to this dimension? Take a look at these of cartoons in real life and decide for yourself.

And if you ever encounter cartoon character lookalikes in public, make sure you grab their hand and blink really fast three times. In the meantime, vote up the most uncanny cartoon lookalikes below!

Suit Up

Better Off Ned


Now We’re Cooking


My Boo


Scouts Honor




No No No


The Real Linda Belcher


Looney Bin


Toothless Kitteh


Boy Story


Bobby Trap

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What the Crap?


Ogre Achiever


Just Lion Around


Nicki Potato Head




Frozen in Time


Family Girl


The Other “Butthead”


Dora Doppleganger


Scooby Don’t


Randy “Macho Man” Marsh


Waiting for a Woman of Less Discriminatin’ Tastes


SpongeSob NoPants

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