25 Creepy Buildings That Look Like Pure Evil

Ever come across a building that looked so sinister you thought it might have been a villain’s headquarters? Sometimes it’s the creepy architecture that gets you, while other times it’s the odd colors or lack of windows you find disturbing. Either way, this list lets you vote on some of the scariest looking buildings in the world, including creepy skyscrapers in Thailand, Tokyo, and even right here in the United States. Most of these buildings still stand today, although some have been abandoned for quite some time.

There are some really creepy about corporate buildings – can you believe that there are two different AT&T buildings that made it on this list? Picturing the the faceless executives who make cutthroat decisions in these dystopian looking buildings is admittedly a little unnerving. Anyways, vote up the buildings you find to be the scariest, and let us know in the comments if we missed any evil buildings that deserve to be here.

Mussolini’s Fascist Party Headquarters in Rome

City Hall in Philadelphia

The Ghost Tower in Thailand

Dutch Radio Transmitter Building

Postal Service Building in Macedonia

Teatr Szekspirowski in Poland

Student Union Building in Durham

Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow

Evil Fire Station in Italy

USSR Embassy in Cuba

The Guangzhou Museum in China

PPG Place in Pittsburgh

Robarts Library at the University of Toronto

AT&T Long Lines Building in NYC

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Brazil

Golden Tower in Spain

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

NSA Headquarters

Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore

Slovak Radio Building

The Luxor in Las Vegas

The Dark Monolith and the Invisible Towers in Paris

AT&T Building in Nashville