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The 25 Douchiest Senior Photos Ever Taken

Hopefully, you’re extremely dirty right now, because you’re about to get showered with a bunch of douche. Whatever that means. Point is, these are the douchiest senior pictures available on the Internet. These senior photos are so douchey and lame that they honestly deserve some sort of award. And what makes them even more funny is the fact that the dudes who took them had no idea they were being douchebags. And that, my friends, is the most amazing mystery about douches. For some strange reason, the universe will never allow them to know that they are in fact, douchebags. Perhaps those AA folks could help us all out by starting up Douchebags Anonymous? This is a definitive collection of the absolute douchiest senior portraits in history.

The Name Is Douche... Douchey McDouche

Bro, Do You Even Portrait?

Wine Not

Because Nothing Runs like a Woman from This Senior Portrait

No Shirt, No Service

He Didn’t Start the Fire

Color of Money

Urban Cowboy

It’s Snow Problem

License to Ill

Weight of the World

Weight Problem

Great Ball of Fire


Ball of Fury

Batter Up

Illegal Use of the Hand

Dead Weight

Spitting Hot Fire

High on Douche

Pretty in Pink

Fox and the Hound

The Sword of a Thousand Truths

Hats Off To You

Suit Up

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