25 Downright Terrifying Doll Face Swaps

It’s amazing how much a  face swap can totally brighten your day. It’s such an incredibly basic form of entertainment and they have absolutely no business being as funny as they are. Well, leave it to the Internet to take something fun and turn it into something downright terrifying. You are about to experience pictures that can never been unseen. Photos of incredibly weird children-doll faceswaps. Just hearing that sentence alone is scary, and you haven’t even seen the photos yet. There’s even some pics of grown adults face-swapping with dolls but let’s save that psychotherapy session for another day. 

Face Swap Trolling

Isn’t She a Doll

Tele Hubby

Childhood Ruined

Cabbage Patch Man

Dolly Dearest

Rag Doll

I Don’t Want to Grow Up

Stop Toying with Me

Barbed Wire

Toy Story from Hell

All Dolled Up

Literal Child’s Play

Sleep Tight

The Little Merman

The Big Mermaid

A Coupe of Bratz

Boy Toy

It’s a Small World After All

Nightmare on My Street

Fright Night

For Your Eyes Only

Muppet Man

Vice Versa