25+ Examples Of Insanely Sexy Marvel Cosplay

Comic book conventions are filled with various forms of cosplay. Nothing is more Marvel-ous then cosplaying one of the big two, Marvel comics characters. While you may see an ocean of the same characters a common way to stand apart is to make your cosplay super hot. 

Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t a size two, these men and women are showing off what they’ve got and wearing their nerd pride as they capture our hearts, and give us nice dreams. Curves and muscles galore. Cleavage and spandex. What’s not to love about this sexy version of your childhood heroes.

Here are some of the hottest Marvel cosplays. Excelsior indeed! Stan Lee would be so proud.

Black Widow: I Spy a Hottie

Dark Phoenix Shows Off Her X-Factor

Can’t Defend Yourself Against This Elektra

Spider Gwen Is Letting it All Hang Out

By Odin’s Beard, Lady Thor Is Hot!

Storm Heating Things Up Without Using Her Powers

Black Cat Is Purrferct

Lady Deathstrike Has Deadly Curves

Emma Frost Is Toasty Hot

X23 Is the Hottest Wolverine Clone

Why Invisible Woman Should Never Use Her Abilities

Feeling Lucky with Domino

Scarlet Witch Will Put a Spell on You

My Spidey-Senses Are Tingling

Seeing Sparks with Jubilee

Gorgeously Rogue

Psylocke Is Predicting Fierce Beauty

This Wasp Can Sting Me Anytime

Lady Deadpool Is Drop Dead Gorgeous

Nebula Is a Galaxy of Sexy

Cyclops Has the Fire in Her Eyes

Pixie Taking off with Hotness

Warm Up with This Winter Soldier

Hail Madame Hydra, Hail Hottie!

Miss Marvel-ously Sexy

This Rocket Is Launched

Firestar Is Hot Hot Hot

Lady Sif Is Serving Asgardian Glamour