The 25 Funniest MLB Fan Photos Ever

will always be ’s pastime. No matter what happens in America, there will always be baseball. Baseball will always be there for you when you need it most. That’s the baseball promise. Because of that, there really are no greater fans than baseball fans. As you’ll see from the photos below, fans are truly some of the most passionate fans in all of . Mostly because they feel no shame about displaying their affection for the game and their team. From the to the absurd, these are the MLB fan pictures ever taken.

Mom of the Year

Welcome to Boston

Fan Appreciation Day

Foul Play

Hairy Backed Mauer

A Mixed Bag

Bat Man

Madonna Mask Day

Loyal Mets Fan

America’s True Pastime

Meanwhile in Chicago

Cardinal Sin

… You’re Doing It Wrong

Spread The Word

Masking Your Emotions

Back in Business

Batter Up!

Red-Bellied Fan

Foul Play

White Sox Fans Wigging Out

True Red Sox Fan