25 Funny Kickstarter Campaigns That Should’ve Been Funded

Donating to Kickstarter campaigns is a risky proposition. The thought that people are willing to give money to complete strangers is frankly baffling. For every Kickstarter success story, there are thousands of weird, , and downright crazy campaigns that never make it to the finish line, for good reason. Some of these weird Kickstarters are so stupid all you can do is laugh. Then you have  Kickstarter campaigns and crazy Kickstarter campaigns, which are obviously jokes. In between the weird and  are the creepy ones, call them Kickstarter fails, the campaigns someone somewhere in the world took seriously, despite the ludicrous proposition behind them.

The Pug Life Didn’t Choose Them


Oh Cheesus Christ!

Period Piece

Finally a Cause Worth Fighting For

You’re Driving Me Nuts

Global Warmer Gets a Little Hotter

Almost Famous

Under the Sea

No Souls In These Soles

Bacon Bling

Toes Before Hoes

Winter’s Coming

Man Vs. Kimchi

Loch and Load

Low Hanging Fruit

A Work of Fart

Not Necessarily the News

Phoning It In

Painting from Mammary

YOKO (You Only Kickstarter Once)

Apparently Wu Tang Clan Is Something to F*ck With After All

Weeding Out the Competition

Does Anyone Actually Know What This Is?