25 Funny Sorority Girl Photos You Have to See

Sorority girls totes get a bad rap from the national media, stupid boys, and smelly old people. They always blame sorority girls for their problems when the fact of the matter is they’re just jealous of how awesome they are. So before you go judging another sorority girl, why don’t buy a latte, pick up a decent pair of Uggs, and find yourself a boyfriend. And if that’s too much effort, you can organize a crush party and look at these sorority girl photos. None of these are fails because a sorority girl always prevails. OMG, that totally rhymed!
Advantage: Braff

They’re Ugg-believable!

Thank God It Wasn’t Free Bat Day

Sorority vs. Gravity

Sorority Girl Frame of Mind

The Ultimate Sorority Girl Next Door

Greek Disaster

God Bless Sorority Girls in Texas in 1944

What the Duct!?

Pyramid Scheme Gone Wrong

The Dreaded “Sorority Squat”

You Have to Be Kitten Me

Kappa Kappa Kappa Problems

The Definition of “Sorority”

Dropping the S-Bomb

You’ve Been Warned

Sorority Symbolism

How to Greet a Sorority Girl

Chevy Chase’s Sorority Girl Vacation

There Are No Coincidences

Insert Taco Joke Here

H2 Hoe!

That Awkward Moment When the Hates You

I’m Sorry, Mr. Jackson

I Think Therefore I Ham
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