25 Hilarious Photos of Barbie Gone Wild

It appears that Barbie has completely lost her mind and I don’t think anyone can blame her. If you have to spend that much time in the public eye you’re bound to go a little crazy. That being the case, at least these Barbie photos exist that highlight her rapid fall from grace. Is there anything more satisfying than watching a Hollywood starlet plummet from the highest of highest to the lowest of lows? No. There isn’t. The difference here is that in real life there are real consequences, but with Barbie it’s all just pretend and fun! These scandalous Barbie pics are sure to bring a twisted smile to your face.

Office Barbie Knows How to Party

To Infinity and Beyond

The True Barbie Hollywood Story

Dial “B” for Murder

Webcam Barbie

Barbie Til’ You Puke

Grand Theft Barbie

Barbie Caught Cheating on Ken

Beyonce’s Got Nothing on Barbie

Orange Is The New Barbie

Food Stamp Barbie

After Barbie’s Trip to Tijuana

From the Makers of Birth Control Barbie

Barbie Clickbait

Open-Door Kind of Girl

Columbian Barbie

Crack Barbie

Barbie After Dark

Gone Girl: Barbie Edition

Every Barbie Has a Dream


What the Elf?

The Stock Market Crash Barbie

Modern Barbie