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25 Hilarious Photos Of Pets Who Are Adorably Upset

Pets act as the unofficial mascots of the , and emotional pet capture the struggles they endure each day at the hands of their owners. Each time you finish your plate without sharing, Spot becomes the poster (good) boy for sad dog . Conversely, each time you leave to take Spot on a walk, your feline friend, Chester, exudes the sorrow of sad cat everywhere. Regardless of how hard you try to please your furry little friends, pictures of pets who are disappointed in you reveal it to be a lost cause. Whether you like it or not, some of your actions make your pet dislike you, turning Chester into Grumpy Cat right before your eyes.

To help you get through the toil of the workday, check out these hilarious memes about hurting your pets’ feelings, guaranteed to make you consider busting out the treats when you get home. Your pets might be sad for a minute, but it’s nothing a belly rub won’t solve. Unless you bust out the vacuum, in which case you and said device both suck.

No Scraps For You

They Never Bought The Stork Metaphor Anyway

Where You Been?

Your House Cat’s About To Become An Outdoor Cat

This Good Boy Is A Tired Boy

Far Fetching

How Cute!

That’s A Cold-Cut Move, Sharon

It’s Not All Play All The Time

You’re Sleeping In The Doghouse, Gerald

When A Stranger Showers…

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