25+ Incredible Body Transformations You Have To See To Believe

Transforming one’s body requires not only physical exertion but serious willpower; how else will you resist the urge to skip cardio and sink into your couch to watch HBO, bag of Cheetos in hand? It takes time and effort to lose weight, and such a task does not come easily to many . It’s definitely not simple and is something that affects even the so-called “hottest” of .

That’s not to say you can’t have any fun with it. In fact, the in these before-and-after photos appear to be having a ball. These before-and-after pictures of folks who transformed their bodies serve as an inspiration to all, and in many ways are more heartwarming than any cute animal picture. Photos like these allow to measure the journey they made and celebrate their new selves, so here’s hoping their hard work can be motivation to those who see these before-and-after body transformations.

Husky To Hunky

She Lost 125 Pounds And Maintained It For 10 Years

125 Pounds Later

What A Change

Shaving Off 200 Pounds

80 Pounds Later

Suiting Up

Fresh And So Fit

She Hit Her Goal

Getting Fit

Jaws Drop When She Sees Old Friends

A Real-Life Disney Prince

Hard Work Pays Off

From Slasher To Surfer

You Go Girl

Get It, Guy!

Mirror Mirror

A Mother’s Motivation

No Exercise, Just Diet


Four Pics, Forty Pounds

No More Little Debbies

A Lap Band Loyalist

Motorcycle Motivation

A Whole New Look

Taking Control

Self-Described Sexylubben (Sexy Chubby)

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