25 Oddly Sexual Yearbook Quotes

Coming up with a┬ámemorable yearbook quote is never an easy assignment, but the students responsible for this collection of oddly quotes and viral yearbook quotes definitely passed that test. This gallery contains a plethora of “that’s what she said” quotes, dirty inside , and double entendre┬ágalore. Like an┬áinfamous school picture, dirty yearbook quotes stick with you forever, and forces your classmates to remember you, for better or worse.

If you have a dirty mind, then you’ll probably think these high school seniors totally┬ánailed their yearbook quotes. As for the rest of you, they’ll probably just make you really uncomfortable.┬á

Yearbook Boner

Boo B’s

The Next Tiger Woods?

That’s What She Said

Ho Fo Sho

Cold Hard Facts

Period Piece

It’s A Toss Up

Play Ball

Oral Presentation

Hot For Teachers

The More You Know…

A Tough Yearbook Pill To Swallow

Thanks For The Nightmares, Bro

Yearbook Quote Shocker

GIve Pants A Chance

Dirty Sweaty Things

The Scientific Code For “Back That Ass Up”

The Rules Of Attraction

The Big Short

TMI, Playboy

It’s A FAP!

No Butts About It

Faith No More

Womb There It Is