25 Of The Funniest Photos Ever Taken At Disneyland

parks, the happiest places on Earth, are also some of the funniest places on Earth as evidenced by funny Disneyland photos. A winning combination of excited children, exhausted parents, and employees in mascot uniforms led to these funny photos being taken at Disneyland, showing that the magic of Disney manifests itself in all sorts of ways. At a standard amusement park, at most, you get some laughable rollercoaster shots and maybe a log flume group shot if you’re lucky. Meanwhile, at Disney, you can catch Darth Vader enjoying your favorite rides, mascots getting groped by kids, and adults who never really grew up.

The Disneyland memes and photos collected here highlight the secrets behind everyone’s most beloved theme park, revealing it to be a bit more WTF than you may realize. Real life is stranger than fiction, and Disneyland’s mixture of reality and fantasy makes for some outrageous moments almost as memorable as a Disney film. The next time you visit the park, you now know to keep your camera lens at the ready to capture weird Disneyland moments.

Dogged By Goofy

Beast Mode

Absolutely Quackers

Middle Child

Hello Clarice

Mermaid And Merman

Hey Baby, You Wanna See My Magic Castle?

Chip Off The Old Block

Going Nuts At Disneyland

Kids Are Optional

Winning The Disney Half Marathon

Darth’s Disneyland Adventure

Tink And A Smile

Of Mice And Men

Dog Days Of Summer

Buzzed Lightyear

That Awkward Angle

The Unhappiest Place On Earth

Double D’s

Hank You Very Much

Beauty And The Brat

Pocket Mouse

Never Be Afraid To Shoot For The Stars

Eye Of The Tigger

Booty Poppin’ Princess