25 People Who Were Wearing the Right Shirt at the Right Time


They say if the shirt fits you should wear it, but after taking a look at these photos you’ll discover that “they” aren’t always right. “They” have no idea what “they’re” talking about most of the time, actually. Wearing the right shirt at the right time can lead to some of the greatest photo moments of your life. Like wearing a shirt with your favorite celebrity on it whilst you meet your favorite celebrity for the first time. On the other hand, if you get caught wearing the wrong shirt at the wrong time, it can make you an internet legend for all the wrong reasons. Like wearing a shirt that says “this really sucks” whilst being arrested, for example. So take a moment to look and enjoy these photos of wearing totally appropriate shirts and vote up your favorites! Honestly, none of these could have planned this any better. They will forever be known as the 25 who were wearing the right shirt at the right time.

Whatever Floats Your Boat

Come Fly the Angry Skies

Bae Caught Me Chipping

If the Shirt Fits

Don’t Hate the T-Shirt, Hate the Game

The Unhappiest Place on Earth

When in Disneyland…

King of the T-Shirt “Castle”

That Man vs. Superman

Basic Shirt Instincts

Penny for Your T-Shirt Thoughts?

You Shall Not Pass Go

Shirts & Recreation

Clever Boy

It’s Important to Follow Directions

Yao Ming Rocking the “Yao Ming Face”

Shots Fired

Mac Attack

You Had Me at Meat Tornado

The Dude Abides

Hold the Door!

I’m Harrison Ford, B*tch

A Lannister Always Takes Fan Photos

Art Imitating Life

He’s Not Drunk, Officer!