25 Photos That Aren’t Quite Giving Us The Full Picture

Captured at just the right, or wrong, moment, photos that need an explanation provide more stimulating discussion than anything you read for your book club. Life as you know it has always been a little weird, but now, coupled with the endless cultural void of the Internet, everyday life often goes full Twilight Zone. Is that bread strapped to a gentleman’s head? Who would “rent” a pig? Did Vader get a day job after the Deathstar fiasco? All valid questions for a collection of inexplicable photographs.

Though on one hand they confound the viewer, photos with no context also provide a wealth of interpretations, giving you all sorts of ideas for your next witty Tweet or Tumblr post. The next time you find yourself or your friends captured in a weird photo with no context, upload it to Instagram, call it art, and see what the world has to say about it. 

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