25 Really, Really Funny Math Jokes

Let’s be real for a minute: we almost failed math in high school. So, before rounding up these , maybe we thought mathematicians (and math in general) were joyless monsters bent on crushing our dreams. But it turns out that that’s not the case! After you check out these math geek jokes, you’ll find out that mathletes are almost as as normal people! Just kidding. (Not kidding?) The jokes for math majors on this list cover a wide berth of topics ranging from algebra to geometry to even a bit of calculus just to spice things up. These jokes for math majors might seem impenetrable, but once you put on your thinking cap, you’ll be rolling on the floor of your university’s Math wing laughing. If you’re worried that we didn’t include any math puns on this list, then you need to take a chill pill and RELAX because there are so many puns on this list of jokes for math students that you’re going to go into pun overload. Punverload? Just be careful. You’re going to be putting so many math jokes into your eyeholes that you’re not going to know what to do with yourself. Hopefully you’ll be able to use these jokes for math geeks in some kind of applicable setting, but if not, you can still chortle along as you scroll through this list of geeky math jokes.

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