25 Spot-On Cosplays of American Cartoon Characters

Japanese characters aren’t the only cartoons that get awesome cosplays; American animated series get lots of love, too! Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, MTV, Central, and many more channels all have and adult cartoons unique to , and you certainly can’t skip over the fact that there are some awesome cosplays of the cartoons they’ve aired throughout the decades. From newer series like Adventure TimeArcherSteven Universe, and Gravity Falls, to animated classics like RugratsDanny PhantomCourage the Cowardly , and Invader Zim, you bet your butt cosplayers have found a way to bring these cartoons to life.

Check out these awesome cosplayers dressed as American cartoon characters. This list is full of the most stunning and authentic cartoon cosplays, so vote up the ones you think are the very best and down the ones you think don’t do the character as much justice as they deserve.

Jane Lane

Lucky Strike Cosplay is Jane Lane from MTV’s angsty Daria. Shot by AnnetVoronaya.


Kinpatsu-Cosplay makes a stunning Raven from Teen Titans!

Simon and Marcy

Simon (pre-magic Ice King) and little Marcy from Adventure Time are too adorable! The Simon cosplay is by xHee-Heex and the Marcy is Chlo-Chlo, photo taken by Ger Tysk.


The rogue romance simulator .GIFany from Gravity Falls by Rei-Doll, taken by Kifir.

Freaky Fred

This Freaky Fred cosplay (xtcfarhan) from Cartoon Network’s Courage the Cowardly  is just as creepy as it is awesome.


Hanari502 is this awesomely accurate Peridot from Steven Universe!

Dr. Girlfriend

This Dr. Girlfriend from Venture Brothers is SoloGrayson, shot by LJinto.

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Mie-Rose nails Shego from ’s Kim Possible, captured awesomely by KamiRenee.

Wendy and Soos

These Wendy (Tenori-Tiger) and Soos cosplays from ’s Gravity Falls are awesome! Photo taken by Aku.

Marshall Lee

Marshall Lee (TraumaticCandy) from the Ice King’s spin on the main characters of Adventure Time with Finn and Jake (Adventure Time with Fiona and Cake), taken by DMinorChrystalis.

Helga Pataki

Obsessive, unibrowed Helga Pataki from Nickelodeon’s Hey Arnold! is the cosplayer Feli, taken by Kak-Tam-Ee!

Rose Quartz

This stunning Rose Quartz from Steven Universe cosplayer is SoulDary, captured by photographer-eva.

Dan Phantom, a.k.a. Dark Danny

Kouji Alone as full-ghost Danny Phantom (Dark Danny) from Danny Phantom.

Tooth Fairy and Jorgen von Strangle

Fairly Oddparents sweethearts Tooth Fairy (CosplaySymphony) and Jorgen von Strangle (Jean-Claude van Ramme), shot by theDevil-photography.


Futurama‘s feisty, one-eyed Turanga Leela is put together wonderfully by Eccentric Casey and photographed by DeathCom-Multimedia.


This stunning Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender is Astellecia, shot by vaxzone.

Angelica and Susie

Angelica and Susie from Rugrats are brought to life by MitsukiXGaara and Xubbles and photographed by DROO Photographer.

Toot Braunstein

This Toot from Drawn Together is brought to life in all of her black-and-white glory by Greed29.


Dexter from Dexter’s Lab by Cosplay Hazard! Photo taken by VideoGameStupid.

The Cast of Archer

The main cast of Archer, with Sterling Malory Archer (Strike), Lana Kane (Aerial), Malory Archer (Hope), Cyril Figgis (Wayne), Dr. Krieger (Luke), Ray Gillette (Hybrid_Twist), Conway Stern (Darryl), Cheryl Tunt (Hikaru-Jan), Dr. Krieger’s virtual girlfriend (the-sushi-monster), and Barry Dylan (Ken-Eden), taken by Cosplay Photographers.

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The Coon

Cartman from the South Park episode “The Coon” is played perfectly by ritsuko-chan.

Bojack Horseman

This cosplay of Bojack Horseman from the Original Series Bojack Horseman by TECHNICOLOUR comes complete with pizza boxes.

Invader Zim

Zim from Invader Zim in the green flesh by Ravenic and photo by Jenyuu.

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup

Blossom (DeltaRee), Bubbles (Lolipuff), and Buttercup (FrenzyWonder) from the beloved Powerpuff Girls – Photographed by LiquidCocaine-Photos.


Twinfools is Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender, shot beautifully by kolibri-chan.