The 26 Greatest Pictures of Animals Riding Other Animals


What are the greatest pictures of animals riding other animals? Generally when little guys hop on the backs of bigger animals, it can be quite humorous. This list will show some of the funniest pictures of animals riding other animals. 

A Baby Weasel Rides a Woodpecker (!!)

Bird Riding a Hawk

A Chick Riding a Kitten

A Yorkie Rides a Mastiff

A Snail Rides a Frog

A Mouse Riding a Frog

A Kitten Riding a Rooster

A Pelican Riding an Allegator

A Mouse Rides a Cat That’s Riding a Dog

A Monkey Rides a Pig

A Cat Riding a Turtle

Two Dogs Ride a Horse

A Cowboy Monkey Rides His Dog

A Monkey Riding a Parrot

A Cat in a Cowboy Hat Rides a Horse

A Frog Rides a Squirrel

A Monkey Holding Onto a Dog

A Lady Bug Riding a Snail

A Monkey Rides a Ram

A Hamster Riding a Guinea Pig

A Lion Riding a Freaking Horse

Guinea Pig Rides a Turkey

A Bird Rides a Camel

A Monkey Riding a Bull

A Zebra Rides a Giraffe

A Bear Rides a Horse