26 Gross Examples Of Body Hair Art That Are Just Not Okay

When wish that men would spend more time on self-care, body hair wasn’t exactly what they had in mind. While amazing pieces of art come from the human body, these shaven spectacles flatter the subjects the same way a pair of Crocs flatters your feet. The laws of landscaping differ greatly from the laws of manscaping, meaning those cat designs would look better on your hedges instead of your .

Collected below are examples of why radical haircuts should be for heads only. These dudes took an admirable risk that unfortunately did not pay off and now’s your chance to let them know who should have just kept that scruff looking rough.

Treasure Chest

Meow You Doing?

Super Shave


Sending Out The Bat Signal

Be My Valentine

American Hair Care

A Shave In A Manger

Fool Manchu

The Devil Made Me Do It


True Texas Longhorn

That Our Flag Was Still Hair

Making Sense Is So Overrated

High Education

Official Back Hair Of NASCAR

Ready For Burning Man

Shaven Not Stirred

More Than Meets The Eye

Chest Portrait

Peace Of Work

Bros In Body Hair

Wild At Heart

Checkers Anyone?

Notre Shame

Like A Of Snake But On Your Body

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