26 Hilarious Dog Warning Signs That Will Scare Any Intruder

Dogs are pretty much the greatest creatures on Earth, and that includes humans. The best part about dogs is they’re not just man’s best friend. They’re also an invaluable form of protection against people that aren’t your friends. Below are a bunch of funny  warning signs that prove just that. Even though  warning signs and beware of  signs really aren’t necessary, they’re still pretty damn funny. If you recently got a or you have a that isn’t very vicious, here are some funny beware of  sign ideas that are sure to increase the stranger danger of your home.

Ankle Biters

Stranger Things

Sing Along

Breath Of Foul Air

Don’t Poke Around

Body Of Evidence

Cat Got Your Tongue?

Bad To The Bone

Don’t Speak

Skate or Die

Like It Or Not

Written By Dog

Owning It

Just Poo It

Bite Is Worse Than Their Bark

Go For The Gold

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Good Enough to Eat

Look Down For What!

Average Joe

Doggone It

Son of a Gun

No Butts About It

Bye George

Weiner Takes All