26 Hilarious Graphs That Everyone Can Relate To

Ever wonder if other people are thinking what you’re thinking? It happens a lot, at least we hope so. Here are 27 graphs that explain your life. Sometimes, it can be directly on point and other times, it can be wishful thinking. These graphs express the unspoken things that go on inside your head that you want to say and are thinking, but are filtered out before you have a chance to say what you want.

Some of these graphs explain the numerous thoughts that bounce around your head while you’re doing something, like wondering what happens when a guy gives a girl his sweater. Does she keep it? Or does it end up in a bin with other stray sweaters guys have given said girl in the past?

In these graphs that explain your life, there are a number of everyday events that show what really goes through your head, albeit a lot funnier than you want to admit. Mundane things, like wondering how much water a dog actually drinks to thinking about why you drink coffee in the morning to what you’re thinking about when you’re in the shower. Mostly, these are humorous takes on things in your life and these 27 graphs. Explaining your life to people may be challenging at times, especially mundane events.

These graphs can also give an insight to what people around you are thinking, or can explain life events in a simple manner only you can understand. Like reasoning why Snooki’s Book failed or why you know so much about pregnancy or even reasons why you use IMDB. All of these things, humorously of course, help explains what you’re really thinking during everyday activities.

If anyone asks you to explain your life, these graphs can serve as a reference point on how to answer them, depending on what you want to say.