26 People Who Were Way Too Honest in Their Tinder Profiles

Though leaders in the field of morality have insisted for centuries that honesty is the best policy, it’s a safe bet that they may have thought twice if they’d had a chance to get a load of the following way-too-honest tinder profiles. When it comes to online , trolling for shameless hook-ups, or anything in between, there’s a fine line between too little and way too much information. Here you’ll have a chance to decide for yourself which of these online daters tread that line gracefully and which ones blow right past it.

It’s only fair to warn you upfront that some of the quirky, creative, or just plain weird Tinder profiles you’re about to see below are a little less than G-rated. Though all attempts have been made to filter out the truly ball’s out nausea-inspiring, you may wanna proceed with caution around children, the easily offended, or extreme right-wing Republicans. That said, if you’re ready to lol your ass off, you’ve come to the right place! Who knows, you might even find an overly blunt cutie or two just waiting to send you into right swipe heaven.

           Pretty Face Though

              Self-Confidence: Um. . . Nailing It?

           Must Love Centipedes for All of the Wrong Reasons

            …Degree in Psychiatry a Plus

           Just When You Thought It Would Never Be a Plus. . .

           Talk About a History Buff

            Why Don’t You Just Tell Us How You Really Feel?

           Way to Put It All on the Table, Cupcake

           This Could Be a Joke. . . It Could Also Not Be a Joke

           A Girl’s Gotta Do What a Girl’s Gotta Do

           Unfortunately This Kind of Sounds Believable

           Inability to Pick up on Innuendo Not an Issue

           Calling All Mediocre Guys

           There’s No Substitute for Good Old Fashioned Experience

           Way to Bottom Line It

           When It’s Time For Plan Z, Johnny Here Will Be There

           Must Love Dogs

           When Your Number of F*cks Given Is in the Red

           Stealth: Nailin’ It

           Previous Experience Preferred, But Not Required

           Seriously. Is That Too Much to Ask?

            She’s Just Saying What Everyone’s Thinking

           Talk About High Standards

           She Knows What She Likes at Least

           World’s Best Photobomb