26 Times You Had an Unhealthy Relationship with Your Phone

In this day and age, when so many companies pride themselves on providing instant service, it can be easy to take things for granted. When was the last time you stopped cursing your smart phone for autocorrecting your texts and remembered that it is actually a hand held library with answers to every question in the world? Though cell phones don’t technically have feelings (yet), that doesn’t mean they deserved to be treated like crap. So perhaps now is the time to end your heartless ways and join the fight to stop phone abuse once and for all.   These phone images will make you think about your bad behavior. Though you may have pleasantly laughed at these viral phone images and in the past, your cell phone desperately wants you to take a closer look at all the ways it’s been used and abused over the years. Did your cell believe you when you promised to treat it better than your last few phones? No way. Assume it doesn’t mind the fact that your codependency keeps it on call 24/7? Guess again.

You Refuse to Commit (to Loud Noises)

You Keep It up Way Past Its Bedtime

You Keep Comparing It to Your Ex

You Can’t Just Sit Still and Listen to It

Few People Suspect How Truly Neglectful You Can Be

Your Codependency Can Be Astounding

You Force It to Be the Middle Man in Your Arguments

Your Shifting Expectations Make It Nervous

Your Baseless Accusations Are Exhausting

You Make Promises You Definitely Can’t Keep

You Make It Feel Like It Has to Pick up Everyone Else’s Slack

You Make It an Accessory to Your Crimes

You Always Wait Until the Last Minute

You Can’t Ever Seem to Give It Your Full Attention

You Can Be Careless with Its Things

You Never Say Thank You

You’ll Drop It Like a Hot Potato at the First Sign of a Nice Ass

You Just Stand by When Strangers Molest It

You Demand Its Constant Attention

You Make It Your Third (and Fourth) Wheel

You Nag It Over It’s Occasional Splurgs

You’ve Developed Terrible Separation Anxiety

Your Track Record Is Terrible

You Really Grind Its Gears Sometimes

Your Negligence Is Constantly Putting It in Danger

You Make Constant References to Its Past Mistakes