The 27 Funniest Selfie Photobombs Ever

PhotobombingĀ emerged asĀ anĀ art form as phone cameras improved and the narcissism became too much to bear. What started out as an Internet fad quickly turned into one of our nation’s most cherished photography traditions. Over the years, you’ve seen celebrity , animal photobombs and even the majestic babyĀ photobombs. It was only a matter of time before selfies, another beloved photography form of the modern era,Ā became the next victim, and that’s what this gallery of selfie photobombs is all about.

Parents and pets alike dove into these selfies, elevating them from a simple profile to pieces of trolling art. Ā What makes selfieĀ photobombs even better is the fact they can be done covertly, without the subject realizing you’ve ruined their Instagram post until one of their followers calls them out.Ā The next time you take a selfie, be sure to keep one eye on the camera and the other on the lookout for photobombers.