27 Dogs Who Are Terrified of Cats

 Are dogs really scared of cats? Sure are. Have you ever had one of those completely irrational fears that you can only hope and pray you’re never forced to confront in front of your friends? Perhaps you’re a guy with muscles that could make a Marvel superhero jealous, but curl into a tiny ball and weep like a girl at the sight of the tiniest spider? Or maybe you’re a bold woman who fearlessly conquers the corporate world day after day, knowing all the while that the friendliest of mice can force you to run screaming into the night like a toddler in K-Mart? If you can relate then, trust us, the following dogs that are scared of kittens, cats, and all things feline totally feel you.   Below you’ll find a collection of adorable pictures and videos featuring cats scaring dogs with their steely stares, terrifying displays of kitty teeth, and ninja style paw flinging. No one knows the humiliation of defeat like these dogs who are so scared of cats that they’ve been driven to do unthinkable things such as give up their beds or ignore the call of their fur-moms upon finding their paths blocked by vicious felines.   

You’ll even see adorable kittens scaring dogs, as their natural instinct to dominate canine kind kicks in as naturally as the urge to bat anything that dare drag across their tiny paths. So remember these canine scaredy-cats the next time you fall prey to your most embarrassing fears and let these funny cat and dog pictures and videos reassure you that you’re far from alone. 


“There I Was, Completely Surrounded…”

“Save Yourself! Tell My Mother I Love Her!”

“Might as Well Cancel Recess… Ninja Cat Does Not Play.”

“Invisible Boundary Radius Violated!”

“Screw Pride, That Guy Has Fangs!”

Bully Puppy Finally Demanded Lunch Money from the Wrong Kitteh

Fur-Mom Problems

Suddenly Princess Felt a Familiar Chill Fill the Air

“We Regret to Inform You, Your Bed Has Been Commandeered by Kitty Kind.”

It Was Then Rufus Realized All Too Late He Had Walked Into an Ambush

Hombre’s Self Help Mantra Wasn’t Quite Living Up to His Dreams

“I’m Not Scared. I’m Just Sitting on This Tragically Underused Step.”

“Oh Sh*t. I Know That Look and Nothing Good Ever Follows It.”


“It’s Cool, It’s Cool. I Like the Extra Shade Anyway.”

“What Is It and Why Is It in My Spot?”