27 Funny Insult Memes to Send to Your Ex

50 Shades of Fugly

Can’t Stand Ya!

Shock the Monkey

Please Don’t Give Me a Call Sometime

Get Used to Disappointment

Flushing Things Out

When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best

When Nature Calls

Drake’s Take

Sean Connery Sends His Warmest Regards

A Room With a View

It’s Time to Face the Facts

If You’re Happy and You Know It Update Your Status!

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

You’re No Longer My Jam


Sorry About Your Birth, Bro

Far & Away

Fish Gotta Swim

Space for Growth

House of Sarcasm

Can’t Fix Ugly

Sorry About Your Face

A Fact of Life

Being in the Top 100%

A Cause for Celebration