27 Halloween Cakes That Are Genuinely Freaky

When it comes to we’ve all seen our share of adorable , mildly spooky looking graveyards made of frosting, and happy little jack o’ lanterns. If that’s the kinda stuff you’re into, be forewarned that your search has somehow gone terribly array. You see, what you’ll find here aren’t exactly your average . The good news however, is that if you’re looking for ideas for a cake for Halloween that’ll horrify everyone within a six block radius, then prepare to find yourself in incredibly disturbing company. 

What you’re about to behold is that is not for the faint of heart. You’ll feast your horrified eyes on cakes that bear more a resemblance to severed body parts than party platters and desserts so disgusting they’d make even the most disturbing members of the cast of The Walking Dead think twice. 

So if you’re ready to get your creative gears turning when it comes to cakes that can also serve as the most realistic Halloween decorations ever, then come on in and let the chocolate flavored bloodbath begin!


Heads Up!

This gruesome dessert from Natalie Sideserf of Sideserf Cakes is one step ahead of the rest.

Talk About Putting Your Foot In Your Mouth

This severed limb cake from All Mine Patisserie is a little too lifelike for comfort.

Eat Your Heart Out

Lily Vanilli makes hands down the creepiest red velvet cake on the block with cream cheese frosting and a little raspberry and blackberry coulis to keep things looking bloody.

These Fungi Toe Nail Treats

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These old toe treats appear to have seen better days.

This Ultra Realistic Severed Arm Cake

The only thing more likely to creep out party guests than the sight of this severed arm cake is the idea of slicing off a piece for dessert.

This Cake Ain’t Horsing Around

Who’d dare to mount, let alone eat this bad boy?

Pig Out On This Creepily Realistic Pig Cake

Believe it or not, this creepy pig cake by Tattooed Bakers is actually vegetarian friendly.

Boo Bitchez!

Astonishingly enough, this super realistic pumpkin head cake in no way actually involves a pumpkin.

World’s Worst Belly Button Ring Infection

This super gory dessert from Conjurer’s Kitchen is definitely enough to make you rethink that trip the the piercing parlor.

The Zombie Mouth Cupcake

Made by the COOKIEdough shop, this is the only pastry you may have to worry about trying to eat you back.

This Mad Mime’s Death Mask

Get a load of this ultra creepy mime/clown death mask cake from All Mine Pastisserie.

Oh Rats. . .

Join the feast with this killer rats fondant cake, made for the Son of Zombiefest.

Fear This Nightmare on Elm Street Cake!

Eat a piece of Elm Street with this super creepy Freddy cake.

Slice Off a Piece of Silent Hill

This terrifying cake by Mamma Jamma Cakes is basically already giving us nightmares.

The Magician’s Fingers

Behold this disturbingly realistic piece, entitled “The Magician’s Fingers” by David Bradley aka Curious Confectioner.

These Eerily Realistic Chocolate Skulls

These insanely lifelike skull cakes are not only incredible looking, they’re actually 100% chocolate.

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The World’s Tastiest Bloody Intestines

Lisa from Gourmified transformed some innocent cherry pie filling into a horrifying Halloween dessert. She’ll even tell you how to do it yourself.

Don’t Say You Weren’t Warned

Behold the horrors of this Walking Dead cake.

This Edible Anatomy Cake

Annabel de Vetten from Conjurer’s Kitchen proves that when it come to , there’s nothing creepier than anatomically correct

Beware This Freshly Baked Brain

Get the instructions that’ll have you horrifying your own guests with one of these in no time.

This Garden Gnome Gone Rogue Cake

And you thought your neighbor’s gnome had a creepy look in it’s eyes.

The Texas Chainsaw Disaster Dessert

Hurry up and cut into this guy before he returns the favor.

Need a Hand?

Behold the culinary magic of Conjurer’s Kitchen‘s Annabel de Vetten that brings whole new meaning to the phrase “hands free.”

This Cake Takes Sugar Skulls To a Whole New Level

Check out more amazingly realistic cake work from chocoywocydoodah.


This but creepy Ozzy Osborne cake by the Charms City West team was given to Ozzy’s wife Sharon on an episode of The Talk.

If There’s Anything Scarier Than a Clown. . .

It’s this dead clown from Curly Sue Cakes. Holy sh*t!

The Wave From The Grave Cake

This cake artist transformed a Grand Marnier flourless chocolate cake into a Halloween masterpiece.