27 Kids Who Gave Themselves A+ Haircuts

When it comes to haircuts, quite often the situation can be linked back to a case of a little dude or gal getting the brilliant idea to trim their own locks. Whether they decided to give themselves bangs, cut off the bangs they already had, or try a new type of do that could only be described as ‘avant-garde,’ the kids you’re about to meet are rocking funny haircuts they came up with all by themselves. So the next time you’re feeling a little over-confident and thinking of trying a DIY haircut, maybe take a look at what these kids got up to and reconsider.

Business In The Front. “Oh No!” in the Back

‘I Can Explain…”

This Little Chick Rocks the Bangs-Be-Gone Look

The Accidental Mullet

Consider It an Attempt at Camo

This Little Guy Spot Tests the Bald Look

This Poor Little Lady’s Hair Is Feeling Conflicted

This Little Dude Decides to Rock the Receding Hairline Look

Either Someone Left Some Scissors Laying Around or That’s One Badass Kitten

This Little Lady Takes Her Hair Being in Her Eyes into Her Own Hands

This Poor Chick Sad Faces When Mom Makes Her Cover Up Her New Do

This Little Dude Discovers Dad’s Beard Trimmer

When Bangs Go Bad

This Poor Guy Learns the Perils of DIY Haircuts the Hard Way

Don’t Worry Mom, It’s a Work in Progress

That Horrible Moment When the Realization Hits

Behold. The Reverse Mohawk.

When Your Vision Doesn’t Materialize Quite Like You Planned

Rockin’ the Little Old Man Look


Layers: Nailed It

This Little Chick Captured the Magic on Camera

“Mom… I Have a Confession to Make…”

“Something Happened. Something Bad.”

When Things Escalate Far More Quickly Than You Planned

“Notice Anything Different About Me Today?”

We’ll Just Take a Little Off the Top, They Said. It’ll Look Great, They Said.

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