27 People Who Are Way Too Happy in Mugshots


The key to being happy in life is to always see the positive side of things – even if you get arrested. Too many people getting mugshots waste an opportunity to make a photo memory that will last a lifetime, but not these folks. They decided to make one of worst nights of their life into one of their most memorable, and grin their way through their mugshots. These are funny mugshots, smiling mugshots, and downright silly mugshots. Sure, criminals smiling in mugshots may seem weird, but if you stop and think about it, these photos of people smiling in mugshots are pretty damn inspiring. 

The Ultimate Girl in the Cell Next Door

Too Hot for Prison

Illegally Blonde

Here’s the Story of Some Girls Named “Shady”

You’ve Got Jail!

When You’re Too High to Realize You’ve Been Arrested

Glamour Shot

Say Cheese

I Mustache You a Question

Think He’s Lost His Mind

Hi Mom!

Simply the Breast

Iron Man Before the Iron Cell

School Portrait or Jail Photo?

Eye See What You Did There

Bad Boy Bill Gates

Seeing Green

Having a Nice Day?

So Money

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Seeing Red

A Presidential Haircut

Katt Got Your Tongue?

The Happiest Andy Dick Has Ever Been

Code Red

Showing His Pearly Whites – Or Lack Thereof

The Eye of the Law